ADM’s New Range of Cost-Effective Pressure Switches

New Product Release
15 April 2021

ADM stocks the TSA range of mechanical pressure switches.  

This new range of pressure switches is manufactured in the USA and has a proven track record for reliability and quality. 

There are two series in stock: 

TSA-APA:  For low pressure applications.  

  • 0.3 – 2.1bar measuring range 

  • 3.5 – 10bar measuring range 

TSA-BPA:  For high pressure applications.  

  • 8.6 – 41bar measuring range 

  • 35 – 172bar measuring range 

  • 69 – 414bar measuring range 

Other measuring ranges are available via special order, with the lead time being approximately 4 weeks. 

The TSA pressure switches can be custom set to switch at a particular pressure. This is done either in the field or on the bench using a small Allen Key, not included. 

One key advantage of mechanical pressure switches is that they are a passive device, which means they do not require their own power source, unlike pressure transducers

All models of TSA pressure switches stocked by ADM have a SPDT potential free contact, which is rated at 250Vac / 5A. 

The pressure switch contacts are gold plated; this means that they can switch low currents. For example, a control input to a PLC of less than 20mA. PLCs do not detect the switching if a standard silver contact is used.  

Note: once a high current is passed through the switch, the gold plating burns off and it is no longer suitable to pass the low currents. 

The low-pressure transducers have a brass body, and the high-pressure models have a zinc nickel plated steel body.  

TSA-APA Pressure Switch
Low Pressure: TSA-APA Series
TSA-BPA Pressure Switch
High Pressure: TSA-BPA


Electrical connection is by a DIN 43650 plug and the process connection is a ¼" BSP standard thread.  

The TSA series of pressure switches are the perfect cost-effective solution for most industrial hydraulic and pneumatic applications, such as heavy mobile machinery. 

For further information please contact ADM Instrument Engineering on 1300 236 467. 

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