Lutron's SD Data Logging Is Easy to Use

15 October 2021

Many Lutron test and measurement instruments offered by ADM feature a built in SD card data logger.



Within each of the product ranges on this website there will usually be at least one device that has a built in SD card data logger.

You may also notice that other models give you the option of purchasing a USB cable and software to carry out the data logging function.  

Lutron has recently advised ADM Instrument Engineering that their recommended data logging solution is to use one of the devices with the built in SD card data logger.

This is because it is easy to use and does not require special software, or the purchase of additional hardware, other than the SD card itself.  

Using the SD card data loggers is simple and straightforward. All it takes is four steps: 

  • Purchase and insert the SD card into your Lutron device* 
  • Carry out your measurements and record the data to the SD card 
  • Remove the SD card and insert into your laptop or PC 
  • Open the data file using a spreadsheet application 

*In many cases ADM supplies an SD card free of charge.

The data will have been recorded in a manner so that it formats correctly in the most commonly used spreadsheet software. 


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