Washing Tomatoes at the Correct Temperature

15 October 2021

When immersed in water tomatoes may be susceptible to microbial infiltration. To prevent this from happening the water temperature in the washing process must be at least 6 °C higher than the ambient temperature.

ADM helped a producer achieve this in an automated process using a Eurotherm 3508 series process controller.  

Eurotherm 3508_CC_VH_1_XX_XX_1_XXX_G_XX_XX_XX_XX Process Controller
Eurotherm 3508 Process Controller


The 3508 uses two inputs to control this process. One takes a reading from a sensor monitoring the ambient air temperature, the other takes a reading from a water temperature sensor.  

The automated process uses a simple immersed resistive heating element to heat the water. When the water temperature is less than 6°C warmer than the ambient temperature the 3508 switches the heating element on, switching it off again when the water temperature is correct. 

ADM are experts in temperature control in automated processes. We can offer solutions for simple applications such as the above, or for more complex processes where the controller needs to be integrated with a higher-level control system.  

Eurotherm Technical Help in Australia

If you have a temperature control problem, contact ADM. A member of our expert team will gladly assist you in finding the best solution for your application. 


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