Cost Effective Refrigeration Controllers in Stock

Refrigeration controllers
14 September 2020

ADM Instrument Engineering stocks two cost effective refrigeration controllers from Elco.  

The ELE21-230-R is a good quality basic refrigeration controller that can accept 2 thermistors NTC 103AT-2 (10 kΩ at 25°C) -50 ~ 109 °C inputs. 

Elco ELE 21 Refrigeration Controller

It has a single control relay output (16A) and gives you the basic functions required to control a refrigeration process: 

  • On / Off with Interval time 

  • Defrost 

The ELE21-230-R accepts 97-253Vac power supply.  

This panel mount refrigeration controller fits into an industry standard 71mm x 29mm cut out and is remarkably easy to set up with quick code on power up. 

The Elco ELZ31Y-240-1R-2R gives you more advanced features yet is still very affordable. 

Elco ELZ31 Refrigeration Controller

The 2 inputs are programmable as thermistors PTC KTY 81-121 (990 Ω at 25°C), or NTC 103AT-2 (10 kΩ at 25°C). 

As well as the 16A control relay output, there is also a 5A relay output. 

This model also accepts a 97-253Vac power supply. 

Like its more basic cousin, the ELZ31Y-240-1R-2R panel mount refrigeration controller also fits into an industry standard 71mm x 29mm cut out and is remarkably easy to set up with quick code on power up. 

For further information please contact ADM on 1300 236 467.  

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