High Accuracy Turbine Flow Meter

Fluid flowing through the EYC FFM04 causes the rotor to revolve.

As the rotor blade pass the pickoffs electrical pulses are produced in which the frequency is proportional to the flow rate. The revolutions per minute and the K-factor (number of pulses/gallon) make it possible to obtain the flow volume passing through the unit.

The EYC FFM04 series flow meters are used to measure medium or lower viscosity media, such as water, light fuel, solvent, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil etc.

They can be used in high pressure, high temperature, and low temperature applications.

The FFM04 flow meters give you high repeatability and accuracy and are corrosion resistant.

There are a number of measurement ranges available starting with 4.5l / MIN right through to 320l / MIN. You can also choose from a pulse output, or a number of different current and voltage analogue outputs.

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