Combined Temperature, Humidity & CO2 Transmitter for HVAC Applications

The THG03 is a combined temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide transmitter. There are two input channels, each of which can be configured to one of these three functions. Configuration is done at the factory and needs to be specified at the time of ordering.

It is available with an LCD display for applications, where a local read out is required. Or, without if all readings are to be remotely monitored.

There are four different output options: 4 ~ 20mA, 0 ~ 10 V, 0 ~ 5V and RS-485, so it easy to integrate this transmitter with existing PLCS and controllers.

There are two power supply options available: 12 ~ 36VDC, or a model which can also be powered via a 24VSC supply.

measurement Ranges:
C02: 0 ~ 2000 PPM
Temperature: 0 ~ 50ºC
Humidity: ~ 100 % RH (non- condensing)

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