Eurotherm Nanodac with Enhanced Cybersecurity

Eurotherm Nanodac
25 February 2020

The Eurotherm Nanodac is a recorder/controller that also acts as an alarm manger. 

Its 3.5” TFT LCD display is crystal clear giving you an easy to read display of the values that you are reading. The Nanodac can be used with almost any transducer or sensing device, which has an industry standard electrical output. 

The Eurotherm Nanodac be programmed to change the screen colour according to the value of the readings from your devices. For example, if a reading reaches a level that is potentially harmful, the display can turn red. When the levels fall back to safe levels, the display can revert to green. 

The Nanodac will also record the data and has a secure data file function, so it can be used to record events as required by any health and safety regulatory bodies. 

Eurotherm has recently enhanced the Nanodac’s cybersecurity with a more robust log in system, so that it is impossible to “backdoor” the system using an engineer's log in.  

Scalable and Affordable 

For increased functionality, the Eurotherm Nanodac can be used with other Eurotherm and non Eurotherm devices, such as a 3rd party external relay module. All that is required is a simple Ethernet connection and a few minutes setting up, the result of which is an increased relay output capability. 

In this example simply by using an ethernet/relay module the number of digital outputs on the Nanodac can be expanded by an additional 8 relays. The same can be done with Digital/Analogue input modules or Digital/Analogue output module, with the Nanodac supporting 2 slave devices. 

The result of incorporating Eurotherm into an industrial or process control system is a highly flexible and control / alarm / data logging solution. More importantly, it is remarkably affordable. 

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