Fast, Safe and Easy to Install Battery Connectors

Harting Han S Battery Connectors
11 March 2021

Harting’s Han S series of battery connectors are the perfect solution for the modular battery storage systems found in solar and green energy applications.

They are compact in size and have been designed for easy & fast assembly or disassembly, thanks to the ability to access the contact screws from the front. 

Safe installation is ensured via a visible locking mechanism and finder-proof contacts. 

The housing can be rotated 360°, even when the connectors are in a mated condition. The connectors are also coded to prevent incorrect mating. 

The terminals are colour coded Red for positive (+) and Black for negative (–). 

Check out the below video to see how fast and easy the Han S series connectors are to install. 

For further information please contact ADM.