How to Carry Out Accurate Pressure Leak Tests

Pressure Leak Testing
7 January 2020


More than a billion pressure leak tests are carried out on critical components every year. But several factors can prevent a successful outcome. 

Therefore, it is important that the equipment used to conduct the testing is fit for purpose and removes the potential for human error issues. 

The ESI GD4200-USB is highly accurate and gives a clear visual PASS / FAIL indication, removing the opportunity for human error. 


Up to 16 GD4200-USBs can be connected to a PC at the same time, speeding up and simplifying the leak test process. This dramatically reduces production and testing time for components, meaning that production costs are reduced, whilst a reliable pass or fail result for each component tested is given. 

When developing the leak testing feature, ESI Technology worked closely with major global manufacturers to give industry exactly what is required when conducting leak testing, in an easy to use and economical device. 

With all pressure testing done with the ESI GD4200- USB transducers, a printed report can be kept for the records or even for shipment with the tested unit(s). 

The GD4200-USB is a highly accurate digital USB pressure transducer that comes complete with free software. This software includes the Leak Test feature.  

The GD4200-USB software makes leak testing absolutely fool-proof. Just follow 5 simple steps;  

  1. Choose the desired duration and tolerance of the leak test  

  1. Start the standard pressure test  

  1. When you're ready, start the leak test  

  1. You can view the tolerance levels on the graph screen, which are marked by dotted red lines. The duration of the leak test is also shown.  

  1. When the leak test ends, a pass or fail will pop up. Easy! 

The above video show just how easy it is.