Linear Potentiometers

Linear Potentiometers
10 June 2020

Linear Potentiometers offer a reliable and very cost-effective linear position monitoring solution.  

However, it is advisable to use a linear potentiometer from a recognised reputable manufacturer. ADM stocks the Midori range of Linear Potentiometers.  

This is because Midori has a strong reputation for manufacturing reliable linear potentiometers.  

Selecting a Suitable Linear Potentiometer 

There are some cheap and quite nasty linear potentiometers out there, which just aren’t suited to industrial automation applications. They really are only suitable for low cost audio and hi-fi equipment.   

Cheap linear potentiometers tend to use carbon resistive tracks. The trouble with carbon is that it doesn’t age well and doesn’t like DC potentials. This has forced many design engineers to go to the expense of using LVDTs in industrial control applications, when it may have not been necessary to do so.  

Good Quality Linear Potentiometers 

Midori Linear Potentiometers have dual conductive plastic tracks. These are far superior to carbon resistive tracks and work well with DC excitation voltages. They are extremely reliable, typically being rated at around 1 million cycles.  This makes them perfect for many industrial automation applications. 

linear potentiometers

If your application involves very rapid and repetitive linear strokes, then we would recommend an LVDT transducer, as there is no electrical contact across the transducer position sensing element which ensures a very long life. 

However, linear potentiometers are a good reliable solution for industrial applications such as conveyor guide rail position monitoring, which do not involve continual rapid repetitive movements. 

Linear potentiometers come either with or without a spring return on the rod. Your application will determine which type you will need. For damp or dusty environments we recommend that you use a linear potentiometer with an IP65 ingress protection rating.  

Midori linear potentiometers are available with resistance values such at 1kΩ, 2kΩ, 5kΩ or 10kΩ. 

Complete Linear Position Monitoring Solution 

ADM doesn’t just stock linear potentiometers, we also stock other types of linear position sensors. We also carry a range of process controllers, signal conditioners and combined display/alarms. This means we can offer a complete linear position monitoring solution, whether you are integrating the application with a higher-level control system, or the application is standalone. 

Process controllers and displays for liquid level measurement

If you would like assistance in selecting a suitable linear potentiometer, or linear position monitoring solution then please contact ADM Instrument Engineering on 1300 236 467.