Lutron Force Gauges: Measuring Greyhound Motivation

Force gauge for measuring greyhound motivation

ADM was recently contacted by a customer looking for a force gauge for a very unique application - Greyhound Motivation.

The customer was conducting research into how motivated greyhounds are to chase a lure. The reason for the research is to see if a greyhound is more motivated to chase the lure if it knows it will be able to catch it.

Whilst at the race track the dog is on a leash, which in turn is connected to a Lutron force gauge. The force gauge will indicate how hard the greyhound is pulling on the lead to determine how motivated it is to chase.

It is anticipated that the force on the leash will be in the region of 60 kg.

The Lutron FG-6100SD hand held force gauge was selected as it has it can be set to record the level of force at 1 second intervals. It also has the capability of measuring the peak hold every 10 milliseconds and can measure forces of up to 100 kg.

Lutron FG-6100SD

The other feature, which the researchers also found very useful was the Lutron FG-6100SD’s built in SD card reader. The data can be captured on site and transferred to a laptop, or PC at a later date for analysis using any spreadsheet application.

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15 March 2019