MEAN WELL G2 Series Power Supplies Discontinued

Alternatives to discontinued MEAN WELL power supplies

MEAN WELL has announced that they will be discontinuing the G2 series enclosed power supplies.

The G2 series can easily by identified by the ‘S-‘ suffix used in the part numbering system, for example S-100F.


The G2 series was first launched in 1989 and after 28 years of trouble free service, the time has come to retire this ever reliable favourite.

Over the past couple of years MEAN WELL has introduced several new models, which are more efficient and even more reliable than the G2 series. They are also far more cost effective than the older G2 series.

Therefore, it makes sense for our customers to start moving over to the newer models where possible.

Use the below link to navigate to the Discontinued MEAN WELL Power Supplies web page to look up which power supply is recommended as a suitable alternative. We have only listed Australian approved models.

Discontinued MEAN WELL Power Supplies

If you have any questions about this discontinuation notice, please contact ADM on 1300 236 467.


4 June 2018