MEAN WELL Power Products for Electronics OEMs and Design Houses

MEAN WELL PCB mount power supplies and DC converters

Most readers of ADM’s monthly Industrial Power Insights Bulletin will be familiar with MEAN WELL’s range of DIN rail, rack mount and enclosed power supplies and DC to DC converters.

However, did you know that MEAN WELL also offers a range of PCB mount power modules and DC to DC converters for electronics OEMs and design houses? ADM likes to refer to these products as MEAN WELL’s ‘widgets’.

Using a MEAN WELL PCB mount DC to DC converter, or power supply can greatly speed up your time to market and reduce your upfront engineering costs.

The other advantage with MEAN WELL’s widgets is that they cut the component count on the board. This not only reduces manufacturing costs it also reduces the costs associated with managing a broad range of inventory.

MEAN WELL’s extensive global distribution network means that you can design a product here in Australia and have it produced anywhere in the world. If you plan to manufacture your products overseas ADM can assist you with establishing the most suitable supply chain.

MEAN WELL PCB Mounted DC to DC Converters

The full range of MEAN WELL PCB mounted DC to DC converters is too broad to list in this article. Models range from as small as 1 Watt, right up to 150 Watts. Within the product range you will find DC to DC converters with single, dual and triple outputs.

The smaller, low power models are available in both SMD and through hole packages, whereas the larger high power models are available in through hole only.

Some models are available with a 4:1 input ratio and some models have a voltage isolation of up to 6KVDC.

For customers designing and manufacturing medical devices there are a range of models available with medical approvals.

Use the following link to browse the range of MEAN WELL DC to DC converters on the ADM website:

MEAN WELL DC to DC Converters

If you can’t find exactly what you need please call ADM on 1300 236 467. We will gladly assist you in finding the most suitable DC to DC converter for your application.

MEAN WELL PCB Mounted AC-DC Switch-mode Power Supplies

Mean Well IRM-60
As with the DC to DC converters it is impractical to list all the models available in this article. There are a wide range of different models available ranging from 1 Watt, right through to 60 Watts.

If you are designing medical equipment, the MEAN WELL PM series PCB power supplies have MOOP level medical approvals.

The small, low power models are available in either through hole, or surface mount packages. With the larger, high power models you can opt for either through hole configuration, or screw terminals.

The wide range of mounting options available means you are sure to find a MEAN WELL PCB mount power supply that will fit inside your design.

If you would like any further information on MEAN WELL power supplies, please do not hesitate to contact ADM on 1300 236 467. A member of our expert team will gladly answer any questions that you may have.

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10 April 2018