New Low-Cost Versatile Pressure Controller

TSA-105PST Pressure Display and Switch
20 March 2020

ADM is proud to introduce the TSA-105PST versatile, three in one pressure controller from Transducer Sensors Australia. 

This new pressure controller features: 

  • A built-in digital pressure gauge display 

  • Pressure transmitter with 4-20mA output 

  • Pressure switch and controller (4 x relays) 

This pressure controller is that affordable that you do not need to use all the above features to get maximum value, even if you only need a four-digit digital pressure display. 

The simple onboard membrane keypad allows you to easily configure 4 setpoint values: for example, Low, Medium, High, and ALARM. 

We already have customers using this device in Australia. For example, on a pressure chamber door interlock.  

The TSA-105PST monitors the pressure inside the pressure chamber. The door cannot be opened unless the pressure drops below a certain level. The minimum pressure at which the door can be opened is set in the TSA-105PST controller. Once this level is reached, one of the relay outputs activates the maglock on the door. 

The TSA1-105PST is also used to give a localised pressure read out.  

This is a great example of a low-cost stand-alone application.  

Of course, the TSA-105PST can be used with PLCs and other controllers as part of an integrated system.  

The TSA-105PST pressure controller is available from stock in a wide a range of pressures, including up to 1000bar. Stocked models have a ¼” BSP threaded process connection. 

For further information, call ADM Instrument Engineering on 1300 236 467.

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