New Miniature Contactless Angle Position Sensor from Midori

New Product Release

Midori has just released their brand-new contactless miniature angle position sensor.  

Measuring only Φ21mm, and being only 4.4mm thick, the Midori CP-1HX is not much larger than an Australian 10c coin.  

Midori CP-1HX Angle Position Sensor

There are three different measurement ranges available: 90°, 180°, 360° (359.9°) and there is a version available with splash proof electronics (IP67), for those applications where moisture could be present. 

There are also three different output options: 

  • Single output 

  • Dual output (cross output) 

  • Dual output (parallel output) 

In addition, you can select either a ratiometric type of output, or you can opt for a PWM output. This means that the CP-1HX angle sensors can be easily integrated into most control systems. 

Midori has also thought about the ease of mechanical integration, offering two different shaft shapes: Double side flat shaft, or D-cut. There is also a touchless option available. 

This angle sensor is very much aimed at machine builders and original equipment manufacturers, being very cost-effective when purchased in production quantities.  

For further information please contact ADM Instrument Engineering on 1300 236 467. 

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8 May 2019