Only Buy Australian Approved Power Supplies from a Registered Responsible Supplier

Australian RCM Mark

The RCM mark is applied to power supplies to ensure that they are compliant with Australia’s electrical safety and EMC regulations.

But what’s to stop anyone sticking an RCM mark label on a non-compliant product?

The answer to that question is there isn’t, but the government ERAC scheme does list registered responsible suppliers and the approved products that they are permitted to import.

To be sure that the power supply you have just bought is compliant you can search the government ERAC database of Responsible Suppliers. To navigate to the database search page simply click on the link below:

Search ERAC Responsible Suppliers

Your supplier should appear on the government ERAC website and the product you buy from them should be included in their list of registered equipment.

ADM ERAC Listing

If you can’t find your supplier in the list, or they don’t have the power supply that you buy listed, then there is a possibility that the RCM mark has been incorrectly applied to the power supply.

ADM is a registered responsible supplier in the ERAC website and all the approved products we sell are included in our list of registered equipment.

If you have any difficulties searching the ERAC database please do not hesitate to contact ADM on 1300 236 467.

13 February 2018