UniMeasure FX-HM Series

Draw wire transducer - long life cycle - 50mm to 375mm travel
UniMeasure FX-HM Compact Draw Wire Transducers

The UniMeasure FX-HM series linear position transducer has a measuring range of up to 15” (381mm). Its subcompact plastic package makes it ideal for use in applications, where space is limited.. The device incorporates a non-contacting hall effect internal sensor, which makes it perfect for applications where a very high cycle life is required. With an excitation voltage requirement anywhere in the range of 4.9 to 30 volts and a very low current requirement, the unit may easily be battery powered, or operated from most standard instrumentation power supplies. The analogue voltage output of nominally 0 to 10 VDC may be easily interfaced to most popular data acquisition, PLC and display devices. The FX-HM has a dynamic response capability up to 25 Hz over a 1.5” range, making it acceptable for use in measurement applications for suspension travel, throttle position, machine mechanism monitoring and many other applications where space restrictions exist.

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