Pressure Display and Transmitter Switch
TSA-105PST Pressure Display and Switch

The TSA-105PST is an intelligent digital display device for pressure testing and control.

It integrates the functions of displaying and transmitting the measured pressure, with switched outputs all in one.

A high accuracy A/D converter allows accurate switching of 4 x setpoints with relays outputs; as well as a 4-20mA transmission of the pressure signal.

The 4 Digit LED display and membrane key allows for simple configuration and easy debugging, which is why the TSA-105PST is widely used with great reliability to display, transmit and control pressure in many industries including water, hydraulics and chemical & gas processes.

Electrical connection (via terminals at the rear).

Standard Available range includes:

Part Number

Measurement Range


Process Connection


0 ~ 1bar

±0.5% ¼ BSPP


0 ~ 10bar ±0.5% ¼ BSPP


0 ~ 50bar ±0.5% ¼ BSPP


0 ~ 100bar ±0.5% ¼ BSPP


0 ~ 250bar ±0.5% ¼ BSPP


0 ~ 400bar ±0.5% ¼ BSPP



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