DIN Rail Modular Multi Loop Controller
Eurotherm Mini8

The Eurotherm Mini8® Controller offers high performance control. It is a very affordable and compact data acquisition device. The modular design allows an I/O and feature set to be selected that caters for a wide range of applications.

The Mini8 is an ideal partner to a programmable logic controller. Able to multi-drop on either Serial, Fieldbus or Ethernet communications. It offers a cost-effective alternative to performing analogue measurement or loop control in a PLC, which reduces the hardware cost of the PLC, and relieves it of the burden of performing analogue functions, often enabling a more cost-effective processor to be used.

The feature set features high performance PID control and SP programming functions together with a range of features such as Math, Logic, and Timing blocks.

When used in a data acquisition installation, the Mini8’s high density analogue I/O can be combined with Eurotherm’s 6000 series paperless graphic recorder.

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