Programmable Automation Controller
Eurotherm T2750

The Eurotherm T2750 is a high-performance programmable automation controller with cost effective redundancy options. The T2750 offers a complete distributed control and recording environment, which is capable of continuous analogue, logic, sequential and batch control, combined with secure data recording at point of measurement − all designed to maximise your return on investment.

The T2750 System reduces engineering costs and maximises process uptime. Controller redundancy is automatically commissioned − simply plug the additional processor module into the redundant base and press synchronise − no special cabling or engineering is
required. Changeover to a secondary processor is automatic, with uninterrupted control and bumpless transfer of communications and process I/O.

Replacement of a controller or I/O module, for any reason, can be done with the power on − and initialisation is automatic. The high MTBF of the system’s I/O and passive backplanes provide you with extremely high system availability. The T2750 Controller also supports online reconfiguration and online monitoring for all continuous and logic control functions.

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