Product Review - Lutron DM-9962SD Digital Multimeter

Lutron DM-9962SD Product Review

Lutron's new handheld multimeter, the DM-9962SD is a very interesting proposition. On the surface, the Lutron DM-9962SD looks like a competent True RMS digital multimeter

Underneath is a 6000 count digital multimeter plus an LCR component tester.  It also has a microSD card interface and real time clock for long term time stamped data logging.

Lutron DM-9962SD Digital Multimeter

With a 16G SD card, you can log a time stamped data point every second for several years, or record many data logging sessions.  The files are standard CSV and easily read into a spread sheet program from the SD card.  The nice aspect about data logging with an SD card, is that you don't need a PC, or laptop until you want to read out the results.

The only evidence of the LCR tester on the front panel are the capacitance and inductance symbols around the selector switch.  But inside, it has a sophisticated single chip LCR bridge that handles component testing.

The Lutron DM-9962SD can measure capacitance down to 0.1 picoFarads and inductance down to 0.1 microHenry. Normally, this sort of low capacitance resolution would make 4 wire measurement necessary, but the DM-9962SD can null any stray capacitance, so you just read the component.

This is the first digital multimeter I have seen that can measure RF components.  It's so easy to use, it makes working with surface mount capacitors almost pleasant.  I recommend the accessory SMD tIezers, sorting chip capacitors as you pick them up is a great help when placing surface mount parts.

The multimeter is nice to use with reasonable accuracy for a hand held instrument.  Auto ranging is quick and correct.  It's a competent digital multimeter for most applications.  The ohms range goes up to 60 megohms which is very useful when tracing leakage.  It has the usual front end protections built in, and there is even a spare fuse inside, just in case you overload the current range.

As a digital meter with True RMS and excellent data logging capabilities, the price is reasonable.  Take into account the LCR component tester as well, and the Lutron DM-9962SD value is unbeatable.

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9 July 2018