Pressure Sensing & Measurement

Transducer Sensors Australia TSA-1200PT
Cost Effective Pressure Transducer for OEMs
ESI PR3440
Submersible Depth Pressure Transmitter
Burster 8270
High Pressure Transducer
ESI PR3441K1.85FZ-00X
Hydrostatic Level & Temperature Transducer
ESI GS4200
Highest Quality Pressure Transducer
Digital Pressure Transducer
ESI GS5000
General Purpose Pressure Transducer
ESI PR3800
Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducer
ESI PR3850
Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducer
ESI PR3860
High Temperature Pressure Transducer
Meret TSZ
Pressure Transducer with Metal Diaphragm
Lutron PS2W-xx-Bar
2 Wire Pressure Transmitter
ESI PR3200
Differential Pressure Transducer
EYC P063
Piezoresistive Differential Pressure Transmitter
EYC P064
Monocrystalline Differential Pressure Transmitter
ESI PR3400
Submersible Depth Pressure Transmitter
ESI PR3441
Submersible Depth / Level Pressure Transmitter
USB Interface, High Pressure Range, Fast Sampling Rate
ESI HP1000
High Pressure Transmitter
ESI LP1000
Low Pressure Transmitter
ESI PR3202
Low Pressure Differential Pressure Transmitter
Vacuum Switches
PDA Pressure Switch
Field Adjustable, with Fixed Differential
PSAH Pressure Switch
Field Adjustable, Medium Pressure Set Point
VDMA Vacuum Switch
Field Adjustable
Lutron PS-9302
Hand Held Pressure Meter
Lutron PS-9303SD
Hand Held Pressure Meter with SD Card Data Logger
Lutron MPS-384SD
3 Channel Pressure Data Recorder
Lutron VC-9200
Hand Held Vacuum Meter
Lutron VC-9210SD
Hand Held Vacuum Meter with SD Card Data Logger
Lutron PM-9100HA
Hand Held Manometer
Temperature Cooling Coil for Pressure Transducers
ESI PM1000
Plug-in Display for Pressure Transducers
Weldable boss for ESI PR3850
For ESI PR3850 Pressure Transducer
Lutron PS100-XXBAR
For Lutron PS-9320 and PS-9303SD Hand Held Pressure Meters