SIL Process Controllers for Machinery Safety Control Systems

Process controllers for safety applications
9 September 2019

ADM is excited to announce that both the Eurotherm EPC2000 and EPC3000 process controllers have been assessed to EN ISO 13849-1 Performance Level (‘PL’) ‘c’.

This is generally considered to be equivalent to SIL 1. 

Eurotherm EPC3000
EPC3000 Process Controllers
Eurotherm EPC2000
EPC2000 Process Controller


Under ISO 13849, the design of the safety system is based on the risk assessment performed by the manufacturer of the machine.  

The risk assessment identifies the safety functions required to mitigate risk and the performance level the functions need to meet to adequately mitigate the identified risks.  

The performance level of a function is determined by the architectural characteristics of the machine, the MTTFd (mean time to dangerous failure) of the components and system and the average diagnostic coverage implemented in the system. 

The Eurotherm EPC2000 and EPC3000 controllers can be used in a machine to control its safety features.  

The ‘Performance Level’ mentioned above is used by the machine designer as part of the risk assessment. It must be stressed that the responsibility for the safety of the machine rests with the machine designer.  

The below table shows the 5 performance levels under EN ISO 13849 and the average probability of a dangerous failure for each level: 

EN ISO 13849 is a safety standard which applies to machinery control systems that provide safety functions.  

Performance Level (PL)

Average Probability of Dangerous Failure per Hour


≥ 10-5 to < 10-4


≥ 3 x 10-6 to < 10-5


≥ 10-6 to < 3 x 10-6


≥ 10-7 to < 10-6


≥ 10-8 to < 10-7

NOTE: Beside the average probability of dangerous failure per hour, other measures are also necessary to achieve the PL.

Performance Level C (PLc) is generally considered to be equivalent to SIL 1. 

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