Smart Security Stair Well & Corridor Lighting Solution

Smart stair well and corridor lighting control solution

Hytronik has a great solution for the smart control of stair well and corridor lighting, which delivers excellent energy efficiency and optimum light for security.

This smart lighting solution involves switching the lighting on at maximum output in the immediate area where motion is detected, and controlled dimming in the adjacent areas for optimum security.

The Hytronik HC028V/RF daylight & motion sensor can be configured to operate simultaneously as a master RF transmitter and dual slave receiver unit.

Hytronik HCR028V/RF

One HC028V/RF unit can enable another on the floor immediately above, or below to act as a master control for that level.

At the same time, it can control the HC024RF slave units along the corridor of its own floor, or level.

All of this is done without the need for any datacoms cabling.

The HC028V/RF can be placed at the optimum motion and ambient light detection points in the stair well, facilitating quick and flexible installation.

The following image shows an example of how the installation would work:

Smart stair well and corridor lighting control solution

When the HC028V/RF on the ground floor detects motion it turns its light on 100% and sends a signal to all its slave units on that floor.

The ground floor HC024RF slave units lights turn on at 100% output, whilst the HC028V/RF on the 1st floor turns its light on to stand-by brightness.

As the person approaches the 1st floor the HC028V/RF detects motion, turns its light from stand-by to 100% and the 1st floor corridor HC024RF slave units turn on at 100% output.

The HC028V/RF on the 2nd floor turns its light on to stand-by brightness. The lights on the ground floor remain on at 100% for the hold-time.

As the person continues up, the 2nd floor HC028V/RF detects motion and the same procedure is repeated, and so on.

In this way, as a person progresses up the staircase the system offers the benefit that their immediate area is at full brightness and areas adjacent to that are at least at stand-by level saving the energy costs usually associated with providing security lighting.

The HC028V/RF master/stand-by unit has the following key additional features:

  • Can serve as a master and slave
  • Can be controlled as a slave by 2 separate masters
  • 10% or 100% brightness on receipt of RF signal
  • 1-10V dimming control output

The 1-10V dimming control output means that this solution is compatible with MEAN WELL LED drivers.

For further information on Hytronik smart lighting control solutions contact ADM on 1300 236 467. A member of our expert team will gladly answer any question that you may have.

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14 March 2018