Typical Applications for MEAN WELL Low Power LED Drivers

Mean Well APV-16 LED Driver

The MEAN WELL APV series LED drivers are perfect for use in low power applications that are particularly cost sensitive.

They are the ideal LED driver for architectural and decorative lighting installations, where dimming is not required. Such as in high volume, price sensitive apartment strip lighting applications.  Particularly kitchens, robes and bathrooms.

You save money, because you are not paying for any unnecessary dimming control functions. But that doesn’t mean that the APV series is a low-quality LED driver. On the contrary, the MEAN WELL APV series LED drivers have an IP64 ingress protection rating, so its operation is not affected by moisture or dust.

The MEAN WELL APV series LED drivers are also used in Australia to power LED bollard lights, as their compact size means they can be easily accommodated inside the bollard’s housing.

The MEAN WELL APV series LED driver is a compact constant voltage LED driver, which is remarkably inexpensive.

It gives you MEAN WELL reliability at a very low price.

For added convenience, the APV series LED drivers stocked by ADM have a 1.8m factory fitted flex and plug. So, not only do you save money buying the LED driver, you also save on installation costs as well. You don’t need to pay for an electrician to hook your LED lights up to the 240VAC mains power.

ADM currently stocks the following models:

Part Number

Output Voltage

Current Range

Power Output



0 ~ 1A 12 Watts


24VDC 0 ~ 0.5A 12 Watts


12VDC 0 ~ 1.25A 15 Watts


24VDC 0 ~ 0.67A 16.08 Watts

We are soon to add the 8 Watt 12V and 24V models to our range, once the approvals process has been completed. Subscribers to ADM’s monthly LED Power Insights Bulletin will be notified when stock has arrived.

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Prices for the MEAN WELL APV LED drivers start at $8.00ea + GST.

If you would like any further information on the MEAN WELL APV series LED drivers, please call ADM on 1300 236 467.

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15 September 2017