Video – Advanced Temperature Controller that Mounts in a 22mm Hole!

Elco ELK22S Series Temperature Controllers
18 February 2021

The Elco ELK22S series temperature controllers are a game changer. 

They can be mounted in a 22mm hole cutout, or 45*45mm cutout. Watch the video below to see how.  

This makes them perfect for original equipment manufacturers and retrofit projects. 


The display module is mounted through the panel from front, and the controller plugs into the display from the back. 

DIN mount modules are also available, and one panel can interface with multiple DIN rail controllers. This is a great solution for larger scale applications where multiple heat processes need to be controlled.  

The universal input can accept the following: 

  • Thermocouples J, K 

  • Thermoresistors Pt100 2/3 wires 

  • Thermoresistors PTC KTY81-121 

  • NTC 103AT-2 

Output options allow you to switch solid state relays and, or mechanical relays.  

Control options include ON/OFF, Neutral Zone, and PID single action. 

There are two power supply options available: 24VDC or 100~240 VAC. 

For further information contact ADM Instrument Engineering

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