Weight and Force Measurement Solutions

Weight and force measurement
24 November 2020

ADM Instrument Engineering specialises in providing engineering solutions to weight and force measurement challenges.

For example, ADM was recently contacted by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) who had a very particular weight measuring challenge in a medical application.

The application involved the measurement of body weight using an existing piece of equipment at a medical facility. The target to be weighed was to be supported by three straps with a designed maximum load of 500 kg. 

The solution had to be both easy to incorporate into the existing equipment and remain affordable.

ADM’s expert team were able to offer an elegant yet cost effective solution, which consisted of 3 Curiotec CMNC-50L (50 kg-force) load cells, a four-channel junction box and the Curiotec CT-1118 large digit display, with a capability of measuring up to 600 kg.

Curiotec CMNC
Curiotec CMNC-50L
2 channel load cell summing box
Summing Box
Curiotec CTI-1118
Curiotec CTI-1118

The cost of the hardware was within the customers budgetary requirements.

ADM was able to demonstrate how simple the modification to the current system would be, and how little cost of manufacture there would be by supplying the customer a 3D model of the proposed solution.

ADM stocks a considered range of load cells, weighing controllers and displays,  and load cell accessories, which allows us to deliver a weight or force mocitioring solution within a relatively short period of time. 

If you have a challenging weight or force measurement application contact ADM Instrument Engineering on 1300 236 467. A member of our expert team will gladly propose a suitable solution for you to consider.