32h8i/SG Series

Eurotherm Configurable Load Cell Indicator / Alarm
Eurotherm 32h81 SG load cell indicator

The Eurotherm 32h8i/SG series is the perfect choice if you need a combined load cell indicator and alarm controller.

The 1/8 DIN size (96mm x 48mm) horizontal display is compact enough to fit into applications, where real estate is at a premium and is still large enough to see when the operator is stood some meters away.

Eurotherm's 32h8i/SG series controllers are fully configurable and you can set the alarm display colour to change from green to red under alarm conditions, giving the operator a clear indication that something may be wrong. In fact the Eurotherm 32h8i/SG series has a wide range of useful features, which make it a highly flexible and affordable load cell indicator / alarm controller.

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