864x3 Rotary or Static Torque Transmitter

Capacity 0 to 1 Nm…1000 Nm
Burster 86403 Torque Sensor

86403, 86413, 86423: 3 x mechanical mounting options (refer to data sheet)

Operatiion based on the principal of a strain gage with slip rings
Ranges: 0…to ± 1 up to 1000Nm

High Accuracy: ≤ ± 0.1 % F.S.

Load Cell transmitter required.

Precise, reliable measurements of both static and dynamic torques in either direction can be made with this range of sensors. This opens a wide range of possible applications. These torque sensors are standard equipment in a wide range of industrial automation, quality control and automotive components industry applications, as well as in laboratories.

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