Eurotherm Data Reviewer Has Stopped Working?

Eurotherm data reviewer
22 March 2024

When upgrading an existing installation of Data Reviewer to V5.1.0 or higher it will become necessary to contact ADM Instrument Engineering to obtain a Eurotherm compatible license, as Data Reviewer will stop working without it.

Due to the Watlow® acquisition of Eurotherm it has become necessary to remove dependencies on Schneider-Electric® technologies from all Eurotherm offerings. However, it should be noted that there are no new features in the V5.1.0 release other than the introduction of a new license management tool. Therefore, there is no immediate requirement to upgrade.

Unfortunately, due to the differences between these two tools, there is no automated migration path from the existing Schneider Electric license to the new Eurotherm license

Before upgrading to V5.1.0 it is recommended that existing customers obtain a new, free of charge, replacement license.

To aid this process and ensure new licenses are issued in a timely manner please send a screen shot of the current enabled licenses. These can be seen by opening the Schneider Electric License Manager tool, example below.

Schneider Electric Licence Manager tool

Please note that we will not uninstall the Schneider Electric License Manager, and all previous versions of Data Reviewer (pre V5.1.0) will continue to work as normal.

Please do not hesitate to contact ADM Instrument Engineering if you have any questions of comment regarding this procedure.