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Vaisala Ammonia Production Factory - Measuring Liquid Ammonia Concentration with Process Refractometers

Ammonia plays a crucial role in multiple industries and applications. As global efforts intensify towards promoting environmental sustainability, addressing climate change, and achieving carbon neutrality, there is a growing emphasis on developing eco-friendly methods for Ammonia production and implementing efficient systems for its use. 

Welcome Vaisala Polaris In-line Process Refractometers

ADM is proud to announce the arrival of the Vaisala Polaris In-line Process Refractometers to the ADM Instrument Engineering product range!

Pressure Transducers: Protection from Water Hammering and Over Pressure Damage.

In many fluid pressure measurement applications, a pressure transducer (or transmitter or sensor) can inadvertently be exposed to overpressure. This is a pressure range greater than what their design is intended for and can often lead to damage, or worse cases, destroy the pressure transmitter.

ADM Zutora Seedmaster Supersaturation Monitoring and Control System

ADM is proud to announce a new addition to its Sense & Control product range. Complementing the Vaisala Process Refractometer range, we now offer the Zutora SeedMaster-4 which provides innovative, real-time monitoring and control of Supersaturation in the sugar crystallization process.

SludgeFinder 2.0 Improving Wastewater Treatment Plant Efficiency

The manual dip-stick sampling of waste-water sludge levels can be dirty work, render inconsistent results and be potentially harmful to human operators..

POSITAL encoder CAD files

Please fill out the form below to request a 3D CAD file model of your POSITAL encoder:

Liquid Level Meters: RADAR vs Ultrasonic

Radar and Ultrasonic level sensors (also known as transmitters) can achieve the same goal, both products use the “time of flight” principle to measure the level within a vessel, however, what are the differentiating factors between the two, and how do they stack up against one another?

Hydrostatic Level Sensors for Bottled Water suppliers

Having an accurate level measurement of your raw liquid materials is an integral factor of food & beverage production. In this article, we look at a customer case of a hydrostatic pressure sensor used for a bottled water supplier.

Pulsar Portable Transit Time Flow Meter 6.1 measuring clear liquids

Leaks and blockages in a pipeline of an installation can spell impending disaster for production, but how do we keep track of flow when an inline solution isn’t workable?

Process Refractometers Ensuring Quality Production of Sugar

This article delves into Vaisala Inline Process Refractometers improving and maintaining sugar quality and consistency with constant monitoring of brix levels within the various phases of Sugar milling and Sugar refining production.

Ultrasonic Flowmeters and Safe Operations of Slurry Ore Pipelines

Mining operations have been known to employ slurry mixture pipelines to transport ore over long distances..

How Refractometers Improve Beer Production

Beer Brewing is a fine art cultivated by those who have spent years meticulously refining their craft for the perfect delicious ale. But where does art meet science in achieving and keeping perfection?

Vaisala In-Line Process Refractometers in Food and Beverage Production

Measuring liquid concentration within your food or beverage process is an integral factor in ensuring a high-quality product, maintaining your system efficiency and the sustainability of raw products for processing... 

Magnetic fields around power lines

In this blog post we discuss how to use a gauss meter to measure the magnetic field around any power lines around your home.

IMP Level Measurement for Large Fuel Holding Tanks

Diesel is the lifeblood of your worksite, what are the consequences of running out of fuel and your production shutting down?

Sewerage Treatment Plants

When searching for a flow measurement solution, you need to be aware of how installation and maintenance requirements can affect project timelines and costs..

process controllers for chocolate production

Producing chocolate involves several process stages, in which the chocolate must be maintained in a liquid state up until the final stage, when the chocolate is ‘tempered’ into a solid state.

Digital pressure gauge

ADM stocks the TSA-105PST series of digital pressure gauges.

ADM product quality control

In this blog post we discuss the importance of product quality and how ADM goes about determining if a product is suitable for sale to our customers.