Measuring Liquid Concentration in Food and Beverage Production

Vaisala In-Line Process Refractometers in Food and Beverage Production
16 June 2023

Measuring liquid concentration within your food or beverage process is an integral factor in ensuring a high-quality product, maintaining your system efficiency and the sustainability of raw products for processing... 

This could be as simple as measuring sugar brix within your juice production, or perhaps alcohol within the various points of the distillery process of your whiskey, liquid concentration measurements play a very important role. 


Challenges of Measuring Liquid Concentration 

The challenge of measuring liquid concentration is that measurements are typically taken through manual sampling, which in turn, upsets the production process and opens the door for bacteria to your production line. 

However, Vaisala’s K-Patents and Polaris in-line process refractometers address these issues.  

The K-Patents and Polaris In-line Process Refractometers are comprised of three modules, a light source, a prism, and an image processor, all encased within a small stainless-steel body that sits within the in-line of your production. 

To produce a measurement, light is shone through the prism, which depending on the concentration of liquid, will either be absorbed into the liquid or reflected into the image processor. This principle of measurement is called the critical angle of measurement.


K-Patents Refractometer Process
The Critical Angle of Measurement


Can bubbles or media effect the liquid concentration measurement?

This method is not affected by particulates, media, or bubbles in the liquid, as the bending angle of light remains the same. However, the only influencing factor is the density of the liquid, thus leading to a true and accurate liquid concentration measurement.  


Sanitary In-Line Process Refractometers

The Vaisala K-Patents and Polaris A-Series Process Refractometers remain one of the world's leading methods of liquid concentration measurements. Designed for an inline process, the stainless-steel body and self-cleaning prism, certified by both 3A and EHEDG bodies, the A-series products ensure that your production line remains sanitary while it’s maintaining constant measurements. 

Vaisala Polaris PR53-AC In-line Process Refractometer
The Vaisala Polaris A-series Compact In-line Process Refractometer Sensor


Would you like to know more about liquid concentration measurements?

If you would like to learn more about how the Vaisala K-PATENTS & Polaris range can be used within your food and beverage product line, contact the ADM Sense Team today.