Precision Capacitive Liquid Level Transmitters

Precision Capacitive Level Sensors
29 July 2022

The blog post talks about the advantages of capacitive level measurement sensors, for the continuous measuring of liquid levels, as well as powders, bulk solids, and pastes.

These transmitters are often used in applications where traditional methods fail, as they have the following advantages 

  • No moving parts –thus are exceptionally durable 
  • Not affected by turbulence or foaming 
  • Suitable for high density liquids such as oil 

ADM can supply a range of capacitive liquid level sensors that were designed for F1 racing cars, built from quality aluminum with sealed electronics. They are available with a range of mounting options, offering continuous level measurement in harsh industrial environments. 

Precision Capacitive Level Sensors
Precision Capacitive Level Sensors


These sensors are factory calibrated to deliver precise measurements and they are available with either 0.25 - 4.5V or 0-10V outputs as well as a temperature output option. 

They can be used in fuels, oils, and coolants to give a continuous level measurement with a secondary alarm output. 

The capacitive level transmitters available from ADM are exceptionally light weight liquid level sensors and are therefore suitable for unmanned aerial vehicles and sports cars. 

The compact design of the sensors ensures that they can be used in tight spaces, and they can give accurate results from irregularly shaped tanks. 

There are no moving parts to maintain, giving a high level of reliability. 

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