Product Review - Lutron TU-2016 Turbidity Meter

15 October 2021

There are many applications that call for the testing of water clarity. Turbidity is a measure of water clarity.

Material suspended in water decreases the passage of light through the water, the level of light passing through the water can be measured to determine its clarity.

The Lutron TU-2016 is a compact hand held turbidity meter, which is perfect for applications where you need to test water clarity in a remote or non-laboratory environment. Designed to meet ISO 7027 the TU-2016 has a wide and automatic measuring range of 0-1000 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Unit). It offers a high resolution at 0.01 NTU / 1 NTU and has a large easy to read LCD display.

Lutron TU-2016 Turbidity Meter

There is a useful data hold function, so that you can freeze the value on display. You can also record minimum and maximum readings, which can be recalled later. 

The Lutron TU-2016 is battery operated, making it perfect for numerous out in the field and on site testing applications, such as testing the quality of the town water supply, water quality in food and beverage production and many other applications where fluid clarity is of high importance. There is an auto shut-off facility available for when you want to save the battery life.



The TU-2016 comes complete with a hard carrying case, a testing bottle with 0 NTU solution, a testing bottle with 100 NTU solution, an empty testing bottle, cleaning cloth and distilled water for use as a cleaning solution. 

The Lutron TU-2016 is available for immediate despatch from ADM’s warehouse. 


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