Ultrasonic Level Measurement for Diesel Tanks

IMP Level Measurement for Large Fuel Holding Tanks
23 June 2023

Diesel is the lifeblood of your worksite, what are the consequences of running out of fuel and your production shutting down?


In this blog post, we discuss how to keep track of your onsite fuel accurately to avoid this happening to you.  


The Pulsar Measurement IMP range of ultrasonic level sensors is the ideal non-contact method for the measurement of diesel tank levels.  


ADM carries a range of ultrasonic level sensors in stock, so we are likely to have a solution suitable to your application and delivered to your site quickly.  


Pulsar Measurement IMP6+ Level Measurement Sensor
Pulsar Measurement IMP6+ Level Measurement Sensor


Why Ultrasonic Level Measurement?


In many cases, a hydrostatic level sensor could be used. However, many diesel tanks are sealed, so the internal atmospheric pressure may vary due to variations in temperature. Therefore, the hydrostatic sensor may not produce accurate results. 


Because of their non-contact design, Pulsar ultrasonic level sensors are ideal for this application. They are simply installed at the top of the vessel and are ready to begin providing accurate measurements. 


How does Ultrasonic Level Measurement work?


The process is called Time of Flight, where the sensor produces an ultrasonic pulse, which reflects from the surface of the tank's contents back into the unit, producing a measurement of your tank's contents.  


If your diesel tank is quite large, it may have an internal pipe, instruments or obstruction, and there may be consideration how this may interfere with the unit's measurement, this is not a problem. All Pulsar Measurement sensors are calibrated to work with the patented DATEM software used for echo discrimination of the pulsar sensors. This intelligent software can assist engineers to differentiate barriers internally to produce an accurate level measurement.  


The sensor’s electrical output is the industry standard 4-20mA, allowing you to set triggers at setpoint levels in your PLC, to alert your team when topping up is necessary. 


IMP6 Level Measurement Sensor in an Acid Tank
IMP6 Level Measurement Sensor in an Acid Tank 


Can the Diesel effect the unit long term? 


Pulsar’s IMP series ultrasonic level sensors have a PDVF option for wetted parts. This plastic housing is resistant to corrosion and most chemicals present in the environment. The IMP sensors are IECEx-certified, so can be used within hazardous environments. The DB series and IMP series sensors are also self-cleaning due to their ultrasonic producing capability.  



Why Pulsar Measurement? 


Pulsar Measurement presents a range of award-winning instruments to suit the needs of most, if not all intended applications. Pulsar focuses on developing non-invasive products to minimise the time & effort of the installation process to begin delivering accurate measurements quickly. 


Would you like to know more?


ADM stocks the Pulsar level measurement sensors locally and can be delivered to your site within a few days.  


If you would like to learn more about the Pulsar Level Sensors range or have any questions about another application for the level measurement, please do not hesitate to contact ADM Instrument Engineering.