Using Clamp On Flow Meters in Clean Water Applications

Pulsar Portable Transit Time Flow Meter 6.1 measuring clear liquids
4 July 2024

Leaks and blockages in a pipeline of an installation can spell impending disaster for production, but how do we keep track of flow when an inline solution isn’t workable?

The Pulsar Clamp On Transit-Time Flow meter can address these issues quickly through its non-invasive method ensuring production is not impeded negatively or too greatly.  

Pulsar PTFM 6.1 Transit-Time Flow Meter Key Takeaways

  • Transit-time flow meters require clean water to perform measurements.
  • The Pulsar PTFM 6.1 is a clamp-on ultrasonic transit-time flow meter solution, quickly deployed to any pipeline, including large pipes with additional steel bands.
  • The onboard computer can quickly take pipe parameters to begin measurements.
  • Can be used in clean water applications, as well as oil & hydraulic applications, free from air and media.

What is a Clamp On a Transit-Time Flow Meter? 

The clamp-on portable transit-time flow meter is a quickly deployable non-invasive flow meter, that simply clamps transducers to the pipeline and inputs the parameters to the device, you can begin measuring your pipeline flow very quickly.  

The transit-time system functions by sending a signal from the transducer through the liquid to a receiver. The shift in frequency from the transducer to the receiver is analysed and produces a measurement of flow within the portable unit.  

Pulsar Portable Transit-Time Flow Meter 6.1 clamps on metal pipes for quick deployment to begin measuring flow.
The PTFM6.1 is a clamp-on flow meter. Simply clamp on the transducers and receivers on a pipe.


Can a Transit-Time Flow Meter be used for other liquids? 

Yes, however, it relies heavily upon the liquid being free of media, aeration and debris. This function can be utilised in hydraulics and viscous liquids, as well as clear water.  

If you are looking for a flow meter solution monitoring liquids holding media, have a read our Doppler Flowmeter blog here


Can a Transit-Time Flow Meter be used on large pipes? 

Yes, a Transit-Time Flow Meter can be used on larger pipes when mounted with steel bands.  


Oil Refinery
The PTFM6.1 can be used for flow-metering liquids other than water. 


Want to learn more?  

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