Lutron BTM-4208SD

12 Channel Temperature Recorder
Lutron BTM-4208SD 12 Channel Temperature Recorder

The Lutron BTM-4208SD versatile 12-channel temperature recorder offers real-time data logging capabilities. It allows you to save temperature readings across 12 channels, complete with detailed timestamp information including year, month, date, minute, and second. The BTM-4208SD features a built-in SD card data logger, making it convenient to record data. The data is recorded on to the SD card and can easily be transferred to a spreadsheet for analysis, there's no need for any special software. The device is compatible with various types of thermocouples, including Type J, K, T, E, R, and S. The data logger's sampling time is adjustable, ranging from 1 second to an hour (3600 seconds), offering flexibility for different monitoring needs. The display resolution is precise, showing temperature changes in 1-degree or 0.1-degree increments. This product comes with a 16GB SD card, providing ample space for data storage.

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