Lutron EMC-9400SD

All in One Relative Humidity & Temp. Meter with Anemometer
Lutron EMC-9400SD 4 in 1 Environmental Meter

The Lutron EMC-9400SD is a versatile instrument ideal for various environmental measurements. It functions as a thermometer compatible with both Type K and J probes, a humidity and temperature meter, an anemometer, and a light meter. The humidity measurement feature displays relative humidity (%RH), temperature, dew point, and wet bulb temperature. The anemometer offers multiple display units including meters per second (m/s), feet per minute (FPM), kilometers per hour (km/h), miles per hour (mph), knots, cubic meters per minute (CMM), and cubic feet per minute (CFM). The light meter can display measurements in either lux or foot-candles (ft-cd).

The thermometer's temperature readings can be set to display in either Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F). The meter has customizable settings for auto or manual power-off to conserve battery life. Its LCD screen is backlit with a green light for easy reading in various lighting conditions.

A standout feature of this device is its real-time SD memory card datalogger, complete with a built-in clock and calendar. It serves as a real-time data recorder, allowing sampling times to be set anywhere from 1 second to 3600 seconds. It supports SD card capacities ranging from 1GB to 16GB.

This meter is user-friendly, requiring no special software for data analysis. After data collection, simply remove the SD card and insert it into your computer's SD card slot. You can then download the measured values for analysis in your preferred spreadsheet application.

The Lutron EMC-9400SD is particularly suitable for HVAC applications, making it a valuable tool for professionals in this field.

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