Lutron MS-7003

Moisture Meter
Lutron MS-7003 Moisture Meter

The Lutron MS-7003 Moisture Meter is a versatile tool designed for accurately determining the moisture content in both wood and concrete materials. This meter is capable of measuring moisture levels ranging from 0% to 40% in wood, and from 0% to 100% in concrete. It features a user-friendly red LED bar graph indicator along with an LCD display for clear readouts. This all-in-one device comes with a built-in test probe, making its operation straightforward and efficient. Additionally, it offers a data hold function and can record both maximum and minimum values. The moisture meter operates using a DC 9V battery (not included). This device is pivotal for professionals in construction, agriculture, woodworking, and restoration, offering a reliable way to assess moisture content and prevent potential damage caused by excess moisture.

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