Lutron OXHD-04

DO Probe Head with Diaphragm Set

DO Probe Head with Diaphram Set for OXPB-11.

The Lutron OXHD-04 Probe Head and Diaphragm Set are typically used in conjunction with Lutron's oxygen (O2) meters and dissolved oxygen meters. It's an essential component for measuring oxygen levels in various environments, such as water quality testing, environmental monitoring, and scientific research. The probe head is the part of the set that houses the oxygen sensor. It serves as a protective casing for the sensor and helps ensure that the sensor can be immersed in the liquid being tested without damage.
The diaphragm is a key component of the set. It covers the sensor and acts as a barrier between the sensor and the surrounding liquid. The diaphragm allows oxygen molecules to pass through, but it prevents other substances from interfering with the oxygen measurement. The diaphragm is essential for maintaining the accuracy of the oxygen reading.

OXHD-04 works by allowing oxygen from the liquid to pass through a diaphragm and interact with a sensor, which generates an electrical signal proportional to the dissolved oxygen concentration. The meter then interprets this signal to provide an accurate reading of the dissolved oxygen level in the liquid being tested. Proper calibration and maintenance are essential for ensuring the accuracy of oxygen measurements using this set.


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