Lutron SW-E816

Data Acquisition Software with Multi Display
Lutron SW E816 Data Acquisition Software

Lutron Data and Acquisition Software. The SW-E816 is a versatile Windows application designed to work seamlessly with a range of LUTRON instruments featuring a USB or PC port. It's compatible with Windows XP, WIN7, and WIN10, WIN11 and supports multiple display options, including 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 16 screens.

For details on which models are compatible with this program, please refer to the provided data sheet.

This program isn't just about display capabilities; it also doubles as a comprehensive data logging system. It offers a variety of functions such as text, angular, and chart displays, a data recorder with high and low limit settings, data query options, and the ability to generate text and chart reports.

Moreover, it's designed for convenience, allowing you to easily retrieve and manage your data files in popular formats like Excel and Access.

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