Lutron TM-9017SD

Precision 0.01º Digital Thermometer with SD Card Reader
Lutron TM-9017SD Digital Thermometer with SD Card Reader

The Lutron TM-901SD stands as a versatile and advanced digital thermometer, offering compatibility with a wide range of measurement probes including type K, J, T, E, R, S, and Pt 100 ohm. Please note, these probes are to be purchased separately.

Key Features:

  • Broad Measurement Range: This thermometer is capable of handling a variety of temperature ranges:
    • Type K: -100°C to 1300°C
    • Type J: -100°C to 1200°C
    • Pt 100 ohm: -199.99°C to 850.00°C
  • High Precision: Achieve highly accurate readings with precision up to 0.01 degrees, ensuring reliable and precise temperature measurements.
  • Dual Channel Functionality: Equipped with 2 channels, this thermometer allows simultaneous monitoring of varied temperature sources.
  • Integrated Data Logging: Comes with a built-in real-time SD memory card datalogger, making it easy to record and track temperature data over time.
  • User-Friendly Data Transfer: There's no need for specialized software. Simply transfer your data directly from the SD card to any spreadsheet program for analysis and reporting.

The Lutron TM-901SD is an ideal solution for professionals seeking accurate and efficient temperature monitoring, with its easy data management and wide probe compatibility. Whether in a laboratory, industrial setting, or fieldwork, this digital thermometer is designed to meet your precise temperature measurement needs.

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