Lutron WBGT-2010Sd

Heat Index WBGT Meter with SD Card Data Logger
Lutron WBGT-2010SD ADM

Measurement :
-WBGT value ( Indoor/Outdoor Wet bulb globe temperature ).
-Black globe temperature.
-Air temperature.
-Wet bulb temperature.
-Dew point Temp.

Adjustable WBGT alarm setting, if the WBGT value exceeds the alarm threshold, the buzzer will sound and the display flashes.

Used to control and monitor physical activity in hot environments.
High accuracy.
Fast humidity measuring response time.
Sampling time can be set from 1 second to 3600 seconds.
Real time SD memory card Datalogger.
Built-in Clock and Calendar.
Real time Datalogger.
No special software required. Simply download data to spreadsheet on laptop, or PC.

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