Pulsar FarSight

High performance surface velocity sensor
Pulsar FarSight Surface Velocity Sensor

The FarSight sensor measures the velocity of water’s surface through no-contact radar technology.
This is an advanced version of the PulsarMicroFlow that handles more challenging applications. 


Environmental monitoring, flood warnings, stormwater runoff, or even flow measurement in a narrow open gutter. 


  • Can be mounted further away from the surface and supports much wider flows.
  • Automatic tilt compensation (does not have to use 45° mounting bracket)
  • Easier installation
  • Unaffected by raindrops through air and on the surface
  • Low power requirements - for off-grid power use and standby
  • Output – Modbus RTU

IECEx hazardous area certification pending – refer to MicroFlow for sewer applications.

The FarSight is the right choice for applications with variable flow rates, thanks to its ability to measure velocities as low as 0.2 meters per second.

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