CANOpen Safety 360 degree Inclinometer, SIL 2, Plastic Case
DIS QG65N-KIXv-360-CANS-C F M-UL-2d_Inclinometer

Safety inclination sensor – 1 Axis
Vertical plane rotation
Programmable device Interface: CANopen Safety
Measuring range ±180°
SIL CL 2 (acc. to IEC 62061) PLd (acc. to EN ISO 13849)
2 x M12 8 pin connectors (Male & Female)
Power supply 10 ... 30 VDC

This QG series inclinometer measures angles on the vertical axis.
These inclinometers are based on robust MEMS technology, in which capacitance differences can be converted into an analogue voltage within a micro-mechanical sensor chip.

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