Safety Inclinometer, SIL 2, CANOpen, Stainless Steel
DIS QG76N-SIXv-360-CANS-CFM-UL-2d CANOpen SIL 2 Safety Inclinometer

Designed for the harshest of environments.

These inclinometers are based on robust MEMS technology, in which capacitance differences can be converted into an analogue voltage within a micro-mechanical sensor chip.

DIS Safety Inclinometer

  • Axis: 1 
  • Range: ±180deg
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Output: CANOpen-Safety
  • Certified: SIL2
  • Connector 1: M12, 8 pin, A-Code, male
  • Connector 2: M12, 8 pin, A-Code, female
  • Power :8... 32 VDC 
  • Protection: IP67

The relevant EDS File and CANopen-Safety manual is available on request.

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