Motrona GV210

Incremental Encoder Signal Converter, Splitter and Switcher
Motrona GV210

1 Encoder IN - 2 Encoders Out

  • Universal encoder interface, applicable as dual level converter, encoder splitter and encoder cross switch.
  • Two encoder inputs A, B, Z, and /A, /B, /Z, each individually adjustable to either TTL/RS422 level or to HTL (10-30V) level.
  • Two signal outputs A, B, Z and /A, /B, /Z, likewise individually adjustable to either TTL/RS422 or HTL (10-30V) level
  • Contactless and bounce-free switch-over between the encoder channels, by remote 24 volt control signals.
  • Power supply 12-30 volts DC, auxiliary output 5 volts (2x125mA) for supply of incremental encoders

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