Seika NG4I

X-Axis Precision Inclinometer ±80° 4-20mA Output
SEIKA NG4I Precision Inclinometer

The Seika NG4I inclinometer gives you a high level of measurement accuracy, with minimal linearity deviation and high long-term stability. The electrical output is hysteresis free, and is a temperature compensated industry standard 4-20mA, making it very easy to integrate with most PLCs and process controllers. The unit is hermetically sealed and is shock-proof, due to the fact that it has no moving parts. This inclinometer experiences no interference from ambient electromagnetic fields. Seika inclinometers are used around Australia in rugged, harsh environment applications such as on port loading equipment.

Range: ±80°
Output: 4-20mA
Resolution: <0.01degrees
Cable: 500mm 

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