Lutron PMS-714

Soil Moisture Meter
Lutron PMS-714 Soil Moisture Meter

The Lutron PMS-714 Soil Moisture Meter is a specialized tool designed for accurately measuring the moisture content of soil, an essential aspect for agriculture, horticulture, and environmental science. This instrument is valuable for farmers, gardeners, researchers, and environmentalists who require precise soil moisture readings to make informed decisions.


Digital Display: The PMS-714 features a clear, easy-to-read digital display that shows moisture levels, facilitating immediate analysis and interpretation.

Portable and Durable Design: Its compact and rugged design makes it suitable for field use, allowing users to conduct on-site measurements in various environments.

Simple Operation: With straightforward controls and immediate feedback, the meter is designed for ease of use, requiring minimal training to obtain accurate readings.

Versatile Measurement Range: It can measure a wide range of moisture levels, making it suitable for different types of soil and moisture conditions.

Battery Operated: The device is powered by batteries, enhancing its portability by eliminating the need for external power sources. Batteries are not included in the kit.

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