Lutron YK-35UV Light Meter

Handheld UV Light Meter
Lutron YK-35UV UV meter

The Lutron YK-35UV UV meter is a handheld device that measures ultraviolet (UV) radiation. It is commonly used in various applications where UV radiation levels need to be monitored, such as in laboratories, industrial settings, and environmental monitoring.


  • Professional, high-quality UV meter.
  • Ultra-violet irradiation measurement for UVA & UVB.
  • Sensor with cosine correction filter.
  • Microprocessor circuit provides high reliability and durability.
  • Separate UV LIGHT probe allows the user to measure the UV light at an optimum position.
  • LCD display for easy readout.
  • RS-232/USB computer interface



Monitor blue light radiation hazards in welding; UV sterilization; Graphic arts; UV EPROM erasure; etc.


Degradation studies; UV sterilization, Virology; Microbial genetics; DNA research; etc.


  • Display LCD 1999 digit.
  • Range 1 0.001…1.999mW/cm2
  • Range 2 0.01…19.99mW/cm2
  • Sensor 290nm…390nm
  • Sensor structure UV photo sensor with cosine correction filter
  • Accuracy ±4%FS + 2 digit @ UVA @ RF<3V/m <30MHz
  • Buttons Power, Hold, REC, Range, Zero
  • Sample time 1s
  • Data out RS232/USB to PC
  • Operating temp. 0…50˚C
  • Operating hum. <85% RH
  • Power 9V battery (Optional 9V power supply)
  • Power consumption 6mA
  • Dimensions sensor ø45x32mm
  • Dimensions instr. 200x68x30mm

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